3D Hardcore ACT Web Game: The Light of Darkness

黑暗之光Name of Game: The Light of Darkness
Game Genre: 3D Hardcore ACT Web Game
Phase of production: Oversea Released
Brief Introduction:
Strong Diablo Style
Gloomy clouds in the dark sky, decomposed bodies… The first impression of the game is a little bit heavy. Mid-aged castles and dungeons, ancient remains buried in sand, and strange portals, the game has perfected transplant these Diablo-like factors into the game. And the appearance of ancient Chinese culture gives the game a unique travelling through space-time feel. The culture conflict between the orient and the west has also brought the unique visual experience.
Across Six Times
The world view of the game is set as different space-time places, which perfectly connecting six great times with time travel stories. Here, you may experience the chastity and the no-regret spirit in Joan of Arc’s Time; romantic feelings in King Arthur’s time; free and easy feelings in Robin Hood’s time; the wealthy and strong country in Li Shimin’s time; the knight spirit in Saladin’s time; and the strong and undefeatable country in Caesar’s time in the game. Each of the featured time, from buildings to NPCs & monsters are all characterized with the time feature. In the game, you may experience various times of these famous times.
Sino-Western Culture Impact
In the game, you may meet King Arthur in his prime; may have a competition on archery with Robin Hood, may discuss about national affairs with Li Shimin. While Sino-western culture is impacting, challenges are also everywhere. You could either fight againstvarious of historical persons, or help them to complete their missions.
Explorations to Civilization Remains
With the story goes deeply, lots of mysteries of remains have also appeared. Also, those famous historic equipment, buried in remains, such as Holy Grail, Caliburn and Merlin Staff would be encountered by players closely. After mending and repair that equipment in remains, players will gain the power from them and become more powerful.
Great Amount of Space-time Factors
In the game, there are great amount of gameplay about travelling through space-time. And Space-time monsters are great assistants of players. With training, they can not only become your best partners, but also burst out great power via combining with players. After joining an army, the player is able to fight for space-time territories. Having the territories is not only the symbol of pride, but also importantstrategic resources. The game also has lots of original game modes, like space-time battle flied and the defense of the portal.
3D Interaction Mode
The game has originally created dynamic level system, which requires highly team co-operation. And the casual farm mode is a good system for improving friendship. In the game, there are plenty of activities for co-operation with friends only, such as………. These activities bring great rewards with improving friendship as well.

The Light of Darkness
The Light of Darkness
The Light of Darkness
The Light of Darkness
The Light of Darkness